8 Greatest LGBT TV Characters

Todd Chavez, Bojack Horseman

Among the many unexpected happenings in the criminally-underrated third season of Bojack Horseman was the revelation that Bojack’s side-kick and unwanted houseguest Todd identifies as asexual.

In season 3, Todd runs into Emily a former one-sided love interest from his past who continues to pursues him romantically. To the viewer, it’s painfully clear that Todd isn’t interested. Like, at all.

The action flashes back to the couple’s sorta courtship as teens in 2007 (wonderfully soundtracked by this note-perfect parody). During a game of ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ (a party game where hormonal teenagers are locked into a hot press and not released until they’re suitably sweaty and embarrassed), a clueless Todd blithely blags Emily’s advances.

Back in the present, after much sorta-but-not-exactly-flirting, Emily eventually asks what Todd’s “deal” is. He confesses that he is neither gay or straight. “I might be nothing,” he tells her.

Perhaps the most surprising thing of all is that this revelation isn’t played for laughs – it’s just an honest moment, in a series that continues to impress. Emily, a typically non-plussed millennial, is supportive of Todd and it’s all kinds of adorable. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Bojack, get on it.

Is Todd the first asexual-identified cartoon character ever? Possibly. Characters like Sherlock Holmes and to a lesser extent (since he technically has a girlfriend) Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory may have a distinct lack of interest in romance or sex with anyone, but Todd is a self-identified asexual. And he seems totally fine with that. Hooray!



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