8 Greatest LGBT TV Characters

Agron, Spartacus

There are no deep and meaningful conversations about being gay or the difficulties of conducting a homosexual relationship amidst the muscular, macho environment of the gladiator’s ludus. Agron and former ‘body slave’ Nasir fall for each other and become a couple with almost no mention of it made by any of the others.

In the first season of the show Teutonic Agron (“from the lands north of the Rhine”) and brother Duro are captured by the Romans in battle and forced into gladiator training alongside Spartacus.

After the death of Duro, Agron dedicates himself to his new brothers and when Spartacus kicks off his famous rebellion, Agron loyally follows, hacking Roman hordes apart along the way.

Agron’s fiery rage against the Romans for the death of his brother continues unabated until he encounters Nasir, (a ‘body slave’: responsible for the personal grooming of their master or ‘dominus’). After a brief flirtation (which in Spartacus involves discussion of the best ways to disembowel Romans) and a near-death incident, surly Agron admits his feelings for Nasir and the two share a tender kiss. Amid the violent, OTT gore which is the trademark of the show, this moment is something special.

In the show – which centres on the lives and subsequent rebellion of gladiators slaves – the freedom to love whomever one wishes is at the heart of the characters’ struggle for manumission. This is why ‘Nagron’ are such a sweet couple, as well as a firm fan favourite.


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