8 Greatest LGBT TV Characters

Jeremy Usbourne (Peep Show)


Anyone familiar with Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain’s utter classic Peep Show will know that failed musician and inveterate slacker Jeremy Usbourne is a ladies’ man. This clip adequately captures his enthusiasm for women.

In the show’s first season, stuffy loan manager Mark develops a crush on alpha business shark, Alan Johnson. Despite efforts to explore these new feeling by purchasing bargain bin gay porn from the corner shop, Mark ultimately arrives at the conclusion that he is “bi, but basically un-curious”.

And with that, Peep Show’s two protagonists Mark and “work-shy freeloader” Jeremy continue to chase woman (Mark forever chasing “the one” while Jez chases literally any one) exclusively for the next 7 seasons. Well, apart from the time they kiss each other during a game of dares (to impress women), and that time when Jez accidentally becomes a “handy” man for his idol Russell ‘The Orgazoid’ in season 4.

UNTIL, in episode 2 of season 9 when newly-conferred life-coach Jez encounters Joe, the boyfriend of one of his clients. Jeremy notes a “weird atmosphere” between them. When Joe shows up at Mark and Jeremy’s flat later that night, it becomes pretty clear that the “weird atmosphere” is sexual tension and so they sensibly attempt to dissipate it by having sex.

Afterwards Jeremy explains to Mark that having sex with a man is “like getting your car fixed at the actual dealership – they know all the codes.”

When Mark tries to pin Jeremy’s sexual orientation down (“so if you had a wikipedia page…would it say ‘Jeremy Usbourne – ‘gay’ or ‘straight’?”), Jez answers in true Jeremy style. “I don’t fit into your tiny little boxes,” he tells Mark. “I ‘m just trying to find that sacred connection and for that, I’d fuck any single member of the human race.”

“I live with a gay couple,” thinks Mark. “It’s politically correctness gone normal.”


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