Grace of Monaco/ 22 Jump Street/ Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

Prepare for stylish shenanigans in Grace of Monaco (June 6) or ‘How the Princess Diana movie would have looked, if directed by Chanel’.

The story: once upon a time, there was a beautiful and talented actress called Grace Kelly who became the envy of women the world over when she retired at the age of 26 . Just kidding! Though she did retire from acting, it was to begin life as a Princess (Consort) of Monaco.

The movie follows Grace (played by Botox enthusiast Nicole Kidman) as she embarks on life as the wife of Prince Rainier (neé Charming) of Monaco during a period of mucho Monacon turmoil. Quelle Domagé!

However, the on-screen theatrics pale in comparison with the off-screen drama: Grace of Monaco was postponed not once but twice, and legal wrangling by distributers coupled with strenuous objections from the royal family in Monaco, almost saw the movie indefinitely shelved.

Next up this month, 22 Jump Street (June 6). “We going back to high school?” asks one of the far-too-old-for-school cops. “No, your ass looks 50, so we’re sending you to college” replies Ice Cube.

And so off to college Funny (Jonah Hill) and the Face (Channing Tatum) go (or should it be Amusing and the Abs?), this time to take down a collegial drug ring. It’s safe to say, if you liked the first movie, or the sight of Tatum’s blank face and meaty torso, then this is right up your (Jump) street.

Finally this month: Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie (June 27), the big screen adaptation of Brendan O’Carroll’s unfathomably popular sitcom. The story is thus: Mrs Brown and her cacophonous crowd are threatened by D’Corpo and its enforcers, the Russian mafia, who attempt to muscle her out of her stall on Moore Street. No bleedin’ way, as Mrs B might say. Wigs, catchphrases and exaggerated accents: the trifecta of LCD comedy!

Watching Mrs Brown’s Boys is a bit like having syphilis or voting Sinn Fein; people seldom own up to it but (since Mrs B regularly receives viewing figures in the millions and Gerry Adams still has a job), do it anyway. Dis Movie is definitely one solely for all doz closeted Mrs Brown fans out dere.